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syddle's Journal

Giving me your number always ends in death
12 December

This is my life:
Lily: I just clean special things. Like Syd's toilet.
Wicky: You want soggy lovin'.
RR: SEAMUS! I mean, sydle
Maren: And our weapons shall be every flavored condoms.. hey, they hurt if you shoot 'em like rubber bands [followed by..]. we put them on dildos for safekeeping ;)
Ray: Syd's a pimp.
Ra: tolkein is more powerful than god any day
Wicky: Your children will hate me.
Nos: *bows down before Syd and looks up her skirt
Charlie: now i can only call u a bisexual hoe
Wicky: Me? I'm just checking out Syddle's boobs. Nice rack, Syd!
Ray: Syddle plays with herself, often.
Jess: ::really really wants to open up hole and get rid of more puss::
Dani: My dogs are the ones who eat bull penises...not you...
Nos: it's okay for other children to be having sex, just not me
Anthie: You=hot
Ra: nice rack syd
Nos: I have no boobs though... Syd woulda been able to fill out the dress better
Ra: ur boobs are too big for dorkhood.
Sara: And Syd, she's a bundle of hormones. How simple do you get?
Raven: I don't think they make boxers printed with dildos, hun.
Rajan: your breasts. like melons. i want to grope them.
Darbs: syddle...you have perky boobs

People are always commenting on my breasts.. *points*

fandom_auction stats:
I own aabashenya.
meg_mccormack owns me.
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