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I just reiconned myself.

Proud of me? <333.

I went to dinner with CC and Dad and Ethan today. Had pretty spacey time. Spent most of the meal staring out a window and checking out people. Am terrible. Waiter glared at most of family, but was a sweetie to me. He was cwute.

Mr. H emailed me my physics final grade. 92%. Not bad, I guess. I probably missed a lot of the multiple choice, because some of it was on a chapter that I was ill for and didn't bother to read (I never read any of the chapters, I guess...) I was a bit disappointed, because I'd found it easier than 92%, but I guess I won't complain. I did, after all, pass.

It's really hot here. I miss Tsuki. I need my baby girl. I've never ever felt more connected to another living creature than I did with her. Actually, I felt pretty connect to Shadow, too. I was one of them, and they trusted me more than they trusted Genie and they came when I called and my god, would they even know my voice anymore? My god, I miss them, I wish...

Anyway, I'm done.
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This thread is, quite frankly, annoying the shit out of me. These people are all so reactionary, reading too much or too little or just incorrectly into it all, and not understanding eachother's points, and... ghark.

I think I would have been happier with more "Server is Busy" messages. *will avoid OotP forums like the plague as they are filled with nearly pure idiocy*

I'm really tired. I've been tired for about three hours. Exhaustion=ficwriting time.

You know, I really thought I'd be less fandemonic when OotP came out, that it would completely kick me into pure Matrix-mode, but it's revived the HP part of my brain and now I just keep writing shtuff. Might as well post some of it. So, err, Percy.

Percy fic: Right and WrongCollapse )
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I'm having a surprising amount of trouble writing my Skeeter article for civilitas. It's not a particularly important one. It just accuses the Ministry of jeapordizing the economic situation by failing to address the Voldemort problem successfully, and cites the Minister's recent meetings with foreign officials, and talks about invisibility cloak trade and economic shaky ground and how economics are the base of most relations, so without them, all relations are jeapordized and we risk threats from all sides, not just internal Voldemortism.

Can you guys all just assume that I actually wrote it and, if mention is needed, just mention that stuff? That's all it is. I just can't get it out skeeter-alarmist-y. It's just not going today. >.< Sorry, y'all.

I gotted my period today. It was kinda annoying to see, because I'd been walking around in nonexistent shorts and then poof, there it was. Stupid period. >.<

((Insert something worth saying here))

Spammity spam spam spam spam...
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Gha. Yesterday, my mother told me that somebody's coming over on Thursday, vacuum the house before then, please, because I want it to look clean. Today, she comes home, gives me a dirty look, ignores the brilliant work I did on the yard, and demands an explanation for my lack of vacuumage. She then proceeded to ignore a basic requirement for justice -- prior notice -- and gave me a lecture and said some rather rude things about my helpfulness. (It's not my damn fault she changed the engagement without telling me. >.<)

Then, she stomped off to do the vacuuming by herself. Hah. I win.

What rating is your journal?

brought to you by Quizilla

Mwahaha. I'm so profane. To honor that, I give you masturbation in five words: You didn't scare me away. Courtesy of Bad Timing.

Birth analysis

Very strong
a bit self-willed
does not allow contradiction or arguments
loves life
its family
children and animals
a bit of a butterfly
good sense of humor
likes idleness and laziness
of practical talent and intelligence.

Aherm. I'd like to disagree on all counts. "Loves its family" my ass. Family=valued least of everything. I think I value my stuffed animal collection more than I value my family.

Oh my lord. I'm totally not going to get jealous. Totally.

Maybe just a little bit. *wibble*
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You people need to stop writing OotP essays, because I need to stop reading them.

I'm so not an LJ slutCollapse )

I was raking like a madwoman today. I got a rate of about a bag o' weeds every 15 minutes... did six bags. <33 manual labor. I rawk. Sadly, I haven't succeeded in ridding myself of the wicked poison oak rash. It doesn't itch much anymore; just hurts and is repulsive. That's good, I suppose, because I won't have it icky and gross and scratched when I go to campything, so I'll actually consider baring legs. I go to m'dad's tomorrow, where I'll make good use of his scanner (yay!).

*flounces off to FA* I actually got through once. But on my second click it gave me a server busy. ;-;
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Oh, and this is sort of a public service announcement:

If you've said anything in a comment that you particularly want me to see, especially one to a reply of mine on your own journal, send me an email. Because my LJ-email-reception's really weird. I just got a comment from muffytaj that went two days ago about five minutes ago, and it directly followed something danceupontheair said about three hours ago, and that had been proceeded by various kind-of-on-time comments and an immediate response from occultebelta. I don't think I've gotten any comments in my LJ that I haven't noticed today, though. Lalalalala.

All this means is that if I'm not saying anything back, 's not because I hate you. It's because I don't know you've said it.

*clings to Jamie* Need you to talk to right now for no apparent reason. I'm so dependent. Mwah.

That's all, really, and I truly am going to sleep now. *really loves this icon*

Oh. Err, kanato, we need to talk... (no, not about That Not Having worked.)
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*searches for pictures of the zoloft bouncing blob* The zoloft commercial with the happy music that has the bouncing white not-a-ferret makes me happier tnan anything else in the world.

This fic is rocking me right now.

I spent an hour throwing fruit off my porchbalcony today. Those little ___quat things that have yet to be named after 13 years of wondering. And then I ate some even though I already knew they taste like shit, but I didn't give an ass because I was just kinda hungry.

Dear cars that I hit with ugly small yellow frut -

Ha, ha, you deserved it for being in my way on my street when I was in a bad mood. It's not as if they broke your windows. I would have heard that. Byebye.

Love always
Moody bitch with the fruit tree

I really really really wish Mimi were here. I'm seriously exploding without her. I need to just go somewhere with somebody and yell rude things at people with ugly shoes. Particularly floaties. bloodbathlatte? MY MOTHER FUCKING BOUGHT a pair of them. Serious action is in order, would not you agree?

I'm really angry at non_existent_'s schedule because I'm gone when she's semi-around. Damnit. NeedmyJamiewahhhh.

Does anybody have pictures of that cute zoloft babypuff? Pwease?

Oh, and I think that people have told me to take my pills more in these past seven days too much. When my dad dropped me off today he was like, "Take your pills!" and I froze up until I realized he meant my let's-get-syd-high-so-that-she-won't-have-a-rash pills rather than the other ones (which, by the way, I did take. Like I needed a reminded. >.<)

Y'know that lovely trip the doctor warned me about? Having it now. It's not bad at all.

Err, night night.

Oh, and I'm really going to miss squeakspeak, who was really the only RP character of mine that I liked. Post OotP personality lift, I... meh. He was really my only joy in RPing.

I don't know whether I'll drop out of RP's or not. >.
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I blabber on about me, writing, and fandoms.

I'd forgotten how easy it is to just sit down and crank out pages and pages of pure crap, and how much fun it is. In the course of today, I've writen about five ficlets -- only one of which was acceptable enough to put out there. Two, really, but one of them was just itching to get onto the screen. It was completely canonically incorrect. It was spoilerCollapse ) Completely noncanon. I really liked it, but I deleted it because it didn't fit.

I know that I'm not one of those people who can work well with somebody else's characters. I've never written anything in the fandom that I'm proud of, persay, (well, maybe some of the things that stiletto and I have done with P/SS) but I've written things I'm not ashamed of. That's the way I am in all fandoms. I can do passable work, but not good work. I don't mind that. I enjoy doing the passable stuff. It's fun to just sit down and crank it out and read it over... I enjoy it. It's for me.

So, um, yes. That's Syddle's fandom world.

But I really do think I'll need to sit down and crank out more often, because it's so much fun. *thinks Matrixwise*

I really realy need to not scratch my oakie legs. It'll only make it worse. I should know that by now. It'll only make them more swollen.

My mum's decided to put me back on druggies. I love that. Daughter has a rash? Let's drug her. It's poisonfuckingoak. I don't need to be out of it because of poisonfuckingoak.

Doctor: "Um, you do know that she may think she isn't in her body because of these?"
Mom: "Well, we wouldn't want her to keep that rash for her swimsuit, would we?"
Me: "Eh, heh," *stares at stomach* "I don't think the rash will by my swimming problem."
Mom: "So, can we get the prescription?"
Doctor: *O_o's* "Uh, okay..."
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Review history on is a weird thing. I was such a plebe. I also used to have multiple review windows open, and I got my reviews mixed up, and I just noticed that I'd flamed a distinctly passable fic for no reason. Guh. *feels terrible*

Oh well.

A Firenze-centric story was born out of my boredom.

I've had a relapse in my poison oak, because I wore the pants that I'd caught the poison oak in and am oversensitive, so even though the things had been washed about five times in hot water and poison-oak evicting soap, I've got more ugly swollen pussing bumps covering my legs. Just thought I'd share that nice mental image with you.

In other words, I am once again positively repulsive. Yurgh.

*refreshes obsessively* C'mon, you know you wanna write OotP fic, you know you do...
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Good fic linked by darkeyedwolf originally.

Post Snape's Worst Memory drabble - IE Syddle tries to fix what JK broke and failsCollapse )

Lord, Leviosa will so be no more fun. *wibbles and clings* I really need to find another way. Suggestions?

It feels really weird to have new canon to work with.

I've got to do more work around the house tomorrow than I'd expected. I won't be able to RP after all. This may not be a bad thing, considering the revamping I'm trying to do. I don't know. I hate housework. I mean, I enjoy doing it for other people's houses, when I'm not being forced to, just not mine. I hate doing it for my mother.

I also hate it when people help me. On all the "seeks help when needed" sections of my report cards, I get below satisfactories. I suck at it. It makes me want to put my head out of its stupidity and misery.

I have no swimsuit for campyplace. I'm spamming a lot.

I'm really really tired. It's only 1 AM, I shouldn't be.

My mother is now going to check my suitcase for campyplace, so I won't be able to smuggle in any bottles, so I'll just have to rely on other people to have brought some form of liquid entertainment. Bah. And it all stems from my lack-of-swimsuit. Somebody had better indulge me there, damnit.

I got my report card a while ago. As I expected, it was filled with A's and B's and a big disappointed mother looking at me and telling me that if I want to get into college, I'd better switch languages because I certainly wasn't gettint there with that sort of Latin grade, and I didn't really bother to tell her once more that I don't really give a flying bat's ass about getting into any particular college, and that didn't she know there are fewer people my year in general, the peak of the huge childeren boom happened this, last, or next year, so it would be easier for little me to get in, and that it's not like my GPA's low, it just isn't high, there's a difference, and that she'd promised she wouldn't rag on me if I didn't let my grades slip below B's, which I think was very well done by me seeing as my homework percentages are all lower than should be physically (hah) possible.

Surprisingly, I came out of this lovely interaction feeling pretty good, because I was sure that I was close to falling down on Physics and really packing the C in because my homework average had, impossibly, dropped a bit from what I'd last seen. And my grade in general was a borderline B-. I think that I did well on my final, though, because I didn't get that C(+). This makes me happy, because after hearing everybody else say that it was brutal (I didn't really think so, but I've been wrong about stuff like that before), I was sure that I'd just glossed over it and completely forgotten some huge difficult concept and was flunking it for sure.

Speaking of the physics final, I really should email Mr. Harper about that. I want to see my grade (surprise!). I'd be disgustingly amused if it were a repeat performance of my most recent test, but I'm sure I would have heard from him if I'd been that stupid again. And anyway, I checked many times to make sure I'd filled it all out.

I can't wait to start work on Spoonless with Jamie, but we'll probably need some help, and I'm hoping that I can pester Nos into giving us some advice, if nothing more. Because, as most of you will note, I know jack shit about computerly shtuff. ;)

Still wibbling, see icon.
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