July 13th, 2003

coffee (uhuh yes abrupt)

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Uhhh, I can't think of what I want to say.

I went to a family reunion today. My cousin Megan like idolizes me. It's scary. I felt really weird around her because she idolizes me. She's 12. O_O Her sister is scary, too, but she's only 7 so it's acceptable.

I talked to chops for a few das, which was good. Because I've mished her. We're gonna do something tomorrow, probably, and it'll be fun.

I look really hot right now, as I'm wearing a purdy dress and a necklace I bought today to match it. It's gorge.

I still feel fat, though. Stupid mood.

My mom's asleep and it's only 9. My dad's taking me to his office tomorrow where I'll sit around and not be allowed on the computer. I'll want to call some of you. (nostrademons, is your cell number the same at college as not at college? Meebles. Did you get my despearate-for-human-contact message, by the way?)

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