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1/4 pounder

Nostrademons: have you gotten better?
BrushFire9: I have!
Nostrademons: (how does it taste, BTW?)
BrushFire9: I'm so proud.
Nostrademons: I'd imagine it's disgusting
BrushFire9: Depends on the guy.
BrushFire9: It isn't really that bad...
Nostrademons: I don't like to eat anything living...
Katrina sKyfrost: Ewww
BrushFire9: *dies*
Nostrademons: no yogurt, no sperm
Katrina sKyfrost: Never thought of it like that
BrushFire9: You don't chew it.
emmychix00: yeah, it just reminds me of...little worms
BrushFire9: So you don't really eat it.
Katrina sKyfrost: Yeah, I despise yogurt because of that
Nostrademons: you don't chew yogurt either
BrushFire9: Meh.
emmychix00: you 'swallow'
BrushFire9: You do if it has chunks in it.
emmychix00: well, they have really thick yogurt now
emmychix00: and fruit on the bottom
shoshtealthy: *listening to Queen and attempting to not look at chat*
BrushFire9: *listening to the streets and having fun with chat*
Nostrademons: oh...chunks in the yogurt
Katrina sKyfrost: *hiding*
Nostrademons: was about to think "Ewww!"
Katrina sKyfrost: OH
Katrina sKyfrost: *relieved*
BrushFire9: *dies*
Katrina sKyfrost: Me too.
BrushFire9: THAT doesn't have chunks in it. As far as I can tell.
Katrina sKyfrost: Was like "EWWW"
Nostrademons: I certainly hope not
BrushFire9: Have you ever gotten chunky, Nos?
emmychix00: Ick >_<
Katrina sKyfrost: WAH
Nostrademons: not to my knowledge
emmychix00: Um, curdled sperm?
BrushFire9: EWWWWWWW
Nostrademons: can be a bit thick sometimes, but chunky? no
BrushFire9: it's worse than cottage cheese.
Nostrademons: heh, what do you call an anorexic with a yeast infection?
Katrina sKyfrost: What, Nos.
emmychix00: ...stupid?
BrushFire9: XD
Nostrademons: that too, Emmy
Katrina sKyfrost: Heh
Nostrademons: a Quarter Pounder With Cheesenot

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