Giving me your number always ends in death (syddle) wrote,
Giving me your number always ends in death

Okay. I'm supposed to be dashing around Berkeley with thinkcanfly right now, but since she is "a little" late, quick thing.

I have money. Does the Jamie creature want to tell me what I need to get for Spoonless? I think she does! I think she should email me.

Lovely notes from two absent people (such a descriptive little word) were waiting for me when I woke up. Hoorah, contact has been made with Europe. *waves banners for "least interesting small german town imaginable"* Ropchop sure sounds like she's having fun. Bundles of it. Which is why she spammed my inbox with nice "I'm so bored save me!" mail. Yup. I think I'll do something silly, now, like bleach my hair.

But not, because if Ally comes I'll be in the middle of bleaching my hair and that'll be no good. Though my hair is horribly bored and boring and needs a bit of spicing up...

Note to self: STOP SCRATCHING THE POISON OAK IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ANY FUN IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Nobody likes contageous looking bumpy legs. Oh, and eat something, will you? You nearly passed out yesterday. Don't do it again. Idiot girl.

*flonces off to get more unknownquats from the unknownquat tree*

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