Giving me your number always ends in death (syddle) wrote,
Giving me your number always ends in death


It just ate my post for riportingrita's reply owl to wartimepolitics. It was long, too. (Will rewrite tomorrow, but am too tired right now)

I need to talk to _deplorable_ about healers_hands and what she can give me on something bad involving mrs_minister. Meeble. And we need to RP The Scene. *uses secretive face* Yup.

GYAH. pogrebin, we need to do something about feet because Rita is lonely.

Excuse me, but I am death. Nobody else. Just me. Just sharing that, because you should know.

Plug of the day: Luna Lovegood. A Nos creation. (Title: Lost Unicorn, Never Again)

I'm done now. Yup. Need more painkillers. *saunters off to get*

Wish that I still knew who squeakspeak is.

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