Giving me your number always ends in death (syddle) wrote,
Giving me your number always ends in death

Spam. DUH.

1. Happy birthday, pie_is_good! I don't know you very well but when I talk to you it is fun so yay for you for being a year older!

2. Jonny fucking bruised my back with his ass. OW. STUPID BOY AND HIS STUPID BUTT.

3. I got into civilitas! GO ME! (riportingrita)

4. My dad is a pushover sometimes. MUJAH.

OPENING CREDITS: Come Away With Me - Norah Jones/Flora's Secret - Enya
WAKING UP SCENE: Big Machine - Goo Goo Dolls/Always Something There To Remind Me - Naked Eyes
CAR DRIVING SCENE: Hanging By a Moment - Lifehouse/Small Town Trap - Eve6
HIGH SCHOOL FLASHBACK [ha] SCENE: Rescue - Eve6/Mr. Wonderful (DDR)
NOSTALGIC SCENE: Here's To The Night - Eve6/End Of The Innocence - Don Henly
BITTER/ANGER SCENE: Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage/Crucify - Tori Amos
MAD AT FRIENDS SCENE: She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mud/Chop Suey - System Of A Down
BREAK UP SCENE: The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks/The Sharp Hint Of New Tears - Dashboard Confessional
REGRET SCENE: Jesus Nitelite - Eve6/What I Really Meant To Say - Cindy Thompson
NIGHTCLUB/BAR SCENE: Better Off Alone (Club Mix) - Alice Dejay/Seventeen - Ladytron
FIGHT/ACTION SCENE: Pretty When You Cry - VAST/My Girl - B2K
SAD/BREAKDOWN SCENE: Picture - Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow/One Love - U2
SCARY SCENE: Bring Me To Life - Evanescence/Revenge Of The Sugar Plum Faries - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
DEATH SCENE: Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil/California Dreamin - The Mamas and the Papas
FUNERAL SCENE: Fade Away - The Calling/Every Time You Go Away - Pal Yourne
CHEER UP SCENE: Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks/Small Town Saturday Night - Hal Ketchum
MELLOW SCENE: What Can I Do? - The Corrs/Miami - Counting Crows
DREAM ABOUT SOMEONE SCENE: Whiter Shade of Pale - Sarah Brightman/Whistling In The Dark - They Might Be Giants
FALLING IN LOVE SCENE: In Too Deep - Sum41/Da Da Da - Trio
SEX SCENE: Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers/Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
PONDER/CONTEMPLATION SCENE: Bring On The Rain - JoDee Messina/The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkle
CHASE/HURRY SCENE: Kissing in the Rain - Tori Amos (Great Expectations Soundtrack)/Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
HAPPY LOVE SCENE: Anytime - Eve6/Everything - Lifehouse
HAPPY FRIENDS SCENE: My Friends Over You - Newfound Glory/Meet Me In The Red Room - Moulin Rouge Sdtk
CLOSING CREDITS: Discovery Channel - Bloodhound Gang/Gone Country - Alan Jackson

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