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Uhhh, I can't think of what I want to say.

I went to a family reunion today. My cousin Megan like idolizes me. It's scary. I felt really weird around her because she idolizes me. She's 12. O_O Her sister is scary, too, but she's only 7 so it's acceptable.

I talked to chops for a few das, which was good. Because I've mished her. We're gonna do something tomorrow, probably, and it'll be fun.

I look really hot right now, as I'm wearing a purdy dress and a necklace I bought today to match it. It's gorge.

I still feel fat, though. Stupid mood.

My mom's asleep and it's only 9. My dad's taking me to his office tomorrow where I'll sit around and not be allowed on the computer. I'll want to call some of you. (nostrademons, is your cell number the same at college as not at college? Meebles. Did you get my despearate-for-human-contact message, by the way?)

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I am:
Partially banned from computer
Completely screwed over by parents
Angry at somebody, for doing something that only this certain somebody knows what is. Would certain somebody please step forward and confess before I decide to hate you all?
Going frinds only with damn good reason
Socially barred from Chophouse
Angry as fuck
Def. moving in with dad as all point for mother has ended. Can even eat around the bitch.
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<3 to Jamie who I wrote something nice about and was going to post the day I left but was running late so couldn't.

Fucking love that girl.

Past two weeks in short have been: head, sweat, and alcohol.

Talk to you people later. I'm sweaty and feel like crap and think my mom was angry at me the minute I got home. She didn't look at all happy to see me. Waiiii.

Uhhhhhhh that's about it I need a shower and am doing runons and is that a bird I see? I need a massage. I've been sleeping on a wooden board. My boytoys are all now hours away. I always get what I want. I love my life. Going now.
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Err, I'm leaving tomorrow. vanillacrystal is taking care of my Leviosans. Please, would somebody take care of riportingrita?

Today. Hung around with Ally and scared her by being a whore. Didn't buy a swimming suit. Tried not to itch legs. Failed a lot of the time. Came home to a door which had been bolted by the scary!men, but I didn't notice this, so I spent a lot of time tring to muscle the door into opening (and the idea of me muscling anything into doing something is quite amusing. Bone gurl kikz azz.) before realizing that it wasn't heat expanded, it was locked.

Observe Syd's mother be surprised that she doesn't give a shit where the new door goes. Have I ever given a shit about this house? No, not really. Shouldn't surprise her.

Legs still monstrosities. They're currently yetti-ish because haven't seen point in shaving them when they're not going to be exposed. Ever. Hide in these pants forever.

I leave tomorrow. You won't be able to contact me for two weeks. Tell me you love me before I go because I'm needy like that.

No, really. Do it.

Night night, lohvehd vohns.
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Okay. I'm supposed to be dashing around Berkeley with thinkcanfly right now, but since she is "a little" late, quick thing.

I have money. Does the Jamie creature want to tell me what I need to get for Spoonless? I think she does! I think she should email me.

Lovely notes from two absent people (such a descriptive little word) were waiting for me when I woke up. Hoorah, contact has been made with Europe. *waves banners for "least interesting small german town imaginable"* Ropchop sure sounds like she's having fun. Bundles of it. Which is why she spammed my inbox with nice "I'm so bored save me!" mail. Yup. I think I'll do something silly, now, like bleach my hair.

But not, because if Ally comes I'll be in the middle of bleaching my hair and that'll be no good. Though my hair is horribly bored and boring and needs a bit of spicing up...

Note to self: STOP SCRATCHING THE POISON OAK IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ANY FUN IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Nobody likes contageous looking bumpy legs. Oh, and eat something, will you? You nearly passed out yesterday. Don't do it again. Idiot girl.

*flonces off to get more unknownquats from the unknownquat tree*
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Dude. I need to get working on my challenge for young_ones. Which, by the way, quite a few of you should be going in for.

My mum is getting rid of the trampoline. My red and blue trampoline that was my life for, like, seven years. And now she's trying to get rid of the foosball table, which was my life for another three years (hah, Mimi/Rachel, do you guys remember when we had the Big Bad Tournie and Rebecca cheated like fuck with calls like "KICKING THE BALL TOO HARD"?). Wajjj. ot os a sad sad day.

That's about all.

*still not spam king(
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I'm not applying for Zacharias in da_rpg because sincelastjuly is, and that's frankly a huge relief. I'm just not cut out for RPGload. It's stressful. Wah. If anybody catches me so much as eyeing another RP, they are to cut off my fingers so that I can't ever apply for a new one again.

All day I've been trying to access civilitas so that I can write Rita's reply to Crouchy. I haven't managed it yet. I'm so terrible ^^
I crashed really early last night -- around midnight and a quarter -- and didn't get out of bed today until, like, 2. I vacuumed a bit, and that's about all I've done. Other than some laundry. The loitermen came to house around 9 AM today (I know because dog barked like hell and woke me up). I still hate having them around. It bugs me that I'm uncomfortable wlaking around my own house because I'm afraid of the big bad man who's reading in my front yard. (He stopped reading when he saw me come downwstairs and started moving my furniture. O_o I still haven't quite figured out his purpose.) I was pleased to see that it wasn't the old Ukranian guy, though. It was a strapping young hot dude. Mm. Of course, I'm wearing shorts that expose my yettified poison oak legs and look basically like a train wreck, but still. He's cute. Err, don't quite know where I'm going with that. Just sharing. Yup.

I'm very upset with my schedule. I wish I left on Sunday. Can't go see alphariza and give her confidence coffe because I'll be in a car driving somewhere. Blah. For my RP's (leviosarpg and civilitas, mainly), could I get somebody who's willing to take over charas? I'd love non_existent_ or vanillacrystal to hop on for the Leviosans, but I've no idea who to ask to do Rita for me. I'll be gone for two weeks. She'll need to be active in that time.

Argh, I have so much to do. Tomorrow I'll be reading my 50 page volunteer manual. And hopefully doing something random with thinkcanfly that will involve cold drinks. It's far too hot. I've got to go water the roses and wash my grody dishes now. <33.
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It just ate my post for riportingrita's reply owl to wartimepolitics. It was long, too. (Will rewrite tomorrow, but am too tired right now)

I need to talk to _deplorable_ about healers_hands and what she can give me on something bad involving mrs_minister. Meeble. And we need to RP The Scene. *uses secretive face* Yup.

GYAH. pogrebin, we need to do something about feet because Rita is lonely.

Excuse me, but I am death. Nobody else. Just me. Just sharing that, because you should know.

Plug of the day: Luna Lovegood. A Nos creation. (Title: Lost Unicorn, Never Again)

I'm done now. Yup. Need more painkillers. *saunters off to get*

Wish that I still knew who squeakspeak is.